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Hi. I'm a mother of three, who works on and off as a teacher (depending on where I am in the growth of my family) and I love to 'create in cake'! I find the creative outlet of making both formal and novelty cakes extremely rewarding, and a great way to make some extra money for the family while giving my children the time they need with mum.


Ali's Cakealicious is a home business which began around four years ago. Having made yearly birthday cakes for my nieces and nephews - some a success, others a disaster - I knew it was something that I enjoyed and that made others happy. Soon a friend encouraged me to start a little business with my cakes and became my first official customer ordering the 'Red Truck'.


Over time the business has grown, mainly through word of mouth, with some repeat customers buying their kids birthday cakes each year for the last three years. Having kids of my own has given me many opportunities throughout the year to build up my portfolio and try out those cakes I've always wanted to make.


I hope I can make your day or your child's day extra special with an Ali's Cakealicious cake!



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