Each cake at Ali's Cakealicious is individually designed to your unique requirements. Baked from scratch, your choice of mud cake will be layered with delicious ganache or buttercream and covered in rolled fondant or buttercream to create your personal work of art. There are many factors that determine the price of each cake, such as the number of serves, the height of the cake (3" or 5 1/2"), the amount of decoration, and the complexity of the design. Prices below are a guide only for your convenience. 



This simple design with 11 small sugar roses is 8" square and 3" high.


A marbled look was an effective way to simply decorate this two tiered cake. Each tier, 12" bottom and 8" top, was 3" high. 


At 8" diameter and 51/2" high, this Hoot character cake has many details such as buttons, corrugated cardboard and stitching to create a unique look.


Here is another example of each tier being 51/2" high. This is the most aesthetically pleasing look as it gives more room for embelishments. The bottom tier was 8" and the top tier was 6". 


This Shirt cake, complete with striped tie, gold pen and stitching details was placed on a 'chalkboard' board. This is great for guests to sign their name at the party. It measured 8" across the base and 14" from top to bottom.


Another 3D cake, this Pirate Ship stands approximately 8" long and is carved from delicious mud cake. The fine details such as the woodgrain effect turn this cake into a work of art.

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